Initial Closet Edit Session

Closet sessions include: * Assessment and discussion of best colors, styles, and makeup for your coloring; measurements and body shape; face shape and lifestyle. * Closet edit leaving you with an organized closet full of pieces you love, that fit well and look great on you. * Shopping list of items needed to best compliment your wardrobe and personal style. * A copy of the Signature Style Body Shape Style Guide eBook. This session will change the way you shop for life! Saving you money, frustration, and most of all time.

Personal Shopping Session

Let us find you clothes that reflect your personal style, look great, and compliment your existing wardrobe. Shopping is done with you with your budget, lifestyle, and personal factors in mind. You'll not only walk away with great pieces to complement your existing wardrobe but you'll also walk away with tools to shop for your best look on your own.

Virtual Styling Session

The virtual styling session hits the highlights of what a deep-dive closet edit includes: * Discussion of best colors and styles for your personal coloring, body shape, and lifestyle. * Light closet editing based on your selected pieces/sections you want to review. * Any/all questions answered to best capture and build your signature style. * Initial shopping list creation of items needed to best compliment your wardrobe and personal style. Sessions conducted via Zoom.

Virtual Shopping Session

In this virtual shopping session, you'll be well on your way to building a wardrobe you love. During the session, we'll shop several stores together and you'll benefit from my rapid fire assessment of various pieces as we scroll to better train your eye when making future purchases. At the end of your session I'll send a list of items and recommended sizes to purchase. Session cost includes weighing in on purchases/fit when they arrive. Sessions conducted via Zoom.

Lookbook Session

Tired of wearing the same outfits over and over? Bring in a stylish, fresh perspective! After some quality time in your closet, you’ll walk away with 15-20 lookbook photos of new-to-you outfits plus recommendations for future purchases to best compliment your existing wardrobe.

Closet Edit Completion Session

In the case of larger closets, this follow-up session to the Initial Closet Edit is additional time to complete a thorough review of clothing making sure all pieces remaining in the closet look great for your personal coloring, body shape, lifestyle, and image goals! Note: New clients, this one is not for you. You'll select the Initial Closet Edit session at the top of the booking page!

Branding and Strategy Power Session

Getting started and need a road map? Already in the throes of it and looking to level up? Spend a laser-focused hour with the Signature Style team and walk away with a visible road map of concrete tasks for the next phase, timeline, strategy for marketing and social media, business personality clarity and inspiration to accomplish what you are setting out to do. Save yourself hours you can be spending building your business!

Headshot Prep Virtual Consult

30min virtual sessions happen in your home with close access to your closet. Arrive with 2-3 outfits selected that we will tweak or revamp to best suit the photo shoot. With your personal brand, coloring, body shape, and shoot location in mind, you'll either know exactly what you are wearing or know what you need to buy prior to the shoot. Online or in-person shopping services available if needed.